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Your life and your level of happiness is reflective of how you feel about yourself. For most people, how you feel about yourself is a far stretch from who you really are.

You see, you are already extraordinary.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not ‘average’. You have monumental significance simply because you are alive. The only thing stopping this extraordinary Being from manifesting into your life is your conditioned belief that you are better off being small, average, regular or normal. 

Through choosing to look inward, you take ownership of yourself and you begin to awaken and embody the women you didn’t even know you were.  

By unveiling what is already there your life will transform in ways you didn’t think were possible. Working with me is the catalyst to this unveiling. 



Intensive Channeling Single Session 

This is a live and recorded in-person guidance, reassurance and sometimes kick in the ass that you need. Let’s uncover what’s really the issue and how to heal and move on from it. We will work on raising your vibration so that you can manifest more of what you want into your life.  

Each session is unique to you. I choose from many of my spiritual gifts and modalities to assist you in gaining the clarity that you need. Modalities may include channeling messages from Spirit, Shadow Work, Inner-Child work, DNA Clearing, Energy Healing and the use of Tarot & Oracle cards.  


1-1 Intuitive Mentoring Program (4 months)  

In this program, you will gain complete access to my gifts in mediumship, channeling and Spirit guidance. You will be held in a container of healing and growth. 

But make no mistake, by working with me you will also be called to task and held accountable to your life. I provide loving guidance with a side of blunt honesty to get you to see what I already know.  

My energetic presence and practical guidance provided through long-term 1-1 work will lift you into your extraordinary in a fully supported way. Here’s what’s included: 

1 x 60 minute deep dive to set the foundation for our journey together

7 x 45 minute calls conducted bi-weekly for 4-months

Email/Voxer support between sessions

Welcome package mailed to your home

Recommended materials and resources as needed

This mentorship is about finding self-love, uncovering your raw truth and discovering what real, personal freedom looks likeFour months of growth, healing, and soul expansion with me right by your side. Through the experience of owning, uncovering and accepting your truth, your soul’s unveiling will emerge.  


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We do not accept returns on products and our programs, including coaching, all are non-refundable.