“I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the best versions of themselves.”


So many times in business and in life, we find ourselves sinking lower and lower until it seems impossible to rise at all, much less reach the greatness we had hoped to reach. In these moments, we are forced to examine how the hell we ended up in our current position. You’ve explored every avenue, considered every move you’ve made, searched for every possible error and you still don’t have a fucking clue why you’re failing.

You’re struggling with drawing in business.

You can’t seem to call in new clients or consistent work.


But why?

Surely, there is an all powerful being somewhere who is hearing your prayers, your cries for help. You know you want it bad enough. In fact, you more than want it; you need it. You need this venture to work. You want to be successful. You want to be proud of yourself. And it wouldn’t hurt to flip off those few people who told you that you wouldn’t make it. But right now, you’re proving them right because something is off and no matter how hard you’re trying, it still isn’t working.


It’s not working because you’re not allowing it to work. You’re holding yourself back. You’re stopping yourself from attaining your goals. After reading this, one of two thoughts is on your mind right now.


1.  Bullshit! I’m doing everything humanly possible to make myself and my business a success.

2.  Why the hell am I doing that?! If I want this so badly, why would I keep myself from having it?


Honestly, you don’t even realize that you’re blocking yourself from your goals. But, subconsciously, you do it all the time by allowing your limiting beliefs and self-deprecating thoughts to control you. Because of these beliefs, you don’t surge forward with confidence; you hang out on the sidelines and wait for your turn to play. This isn’t a permanent trait of your personality though; it’s a temporary coverup.


It’s a natural instinct to hide what you don’t want others to see. In doing this, you also hide your full potential. I uncover the true reason you’re hiding and help you learn to defeat your past and your negativity so you can embrace the best version of yourself.

I am Danielle Aime. I’m no stranger to failure and I’ve done my fair share of pushing my strength to the back of the line. I’ve overcome depression, limiting beliefs, and weakness. For most of my life, I ignored my gifts when I should have embraced who I was truly meant to be. Now, I’m done hiding, and I refuse to watch other women deny themselves the lives they deserve simply because they’re afraid.